Primary Goal

To represent Members, and the international valuation community more generally, in advancing the understanding and acceptance of professional property valuation.

Secondary Results Areas

  1. Public Information and Education

  2. Public Relations, Image Building

  3. Advocacy

  4. International Representation

  5. Website Management

Strategic Initiatives

  1. Build and maintain a highly effective, user-friendly website, with appropriate links.

  2. Identify the conferences, courses, seminars and workshops of other organisations in which property valuation might make a suitable sub-topic, and seek opportunities to speak to the need for and nature of property valuation.

  3. Identify the various media in which short to longer pieces and editorials on the valuation profession might suitably be included, and submit such pieces.

  4. Make the case in writing for professionalisation, clearly and succinctly, and submit it for circulation wherever it might prove useful.

  5. Create a small, high quality Speakers Bureau, consisting of speakers willing and able to speak effectively on property valuation, with powerful case examples of the challenges faced and resolved.

  6. Develop an approach to working closely with those collegial associations that need a thorough understanding of the role of professional valuation but which, at present, lack such understanding.

  7. Identify those international and national associations within which WAVO or individual Members should be represented, and arrange for such representation.

  8. Use WAVOs Observer Member positions to attract representatives of organisations with which we want a close association.

  9. Develop special expertise in political advocacy and low-key lobbying, and make this available to Members concerned about existing or emerging public policy and programs.

  10. Publish, in various media, particularly striking success stories of valuation-in-action.


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