Primary Goal

To enter into mutually beneficial strategic partnerships, alliances and networking relationships with compatible organisations, in furtherance of WAVOs Mission and Goals.

Secondary Results Areas

  1. Standard-Setting Organisations (IVSC, etc.)

  2. Other Valuers

  3. Financiers (IFIs, etc.)

  4. Other Relevant International Organisations

  5. Governments and Public Services

Strategic Initiatives

  1. Move to a clear, mutually understood and accepted relationship with IVSC and all national standard-setting organisations, placing WAVO alongside and in a complementary role to each.

  2. Develop a comprehensive understanding of which organisations, worldwide, are specialists in those valuation categories falling outside the real property field and determine how best to work with these collaboratively, using from time-to-time a team approach to multi-category evaluations.

  3. Become familiar with the funding organisations willing to receive and deal sympathetically with requests for funding valuation and real property capacity building projects. Develop close working relationships with the most promising of these, including ensuring that each understands WAVOs vision, mission and strategic goals, and how we are organized and resourced to pursue these.

  4. Identify and build mutually supportive relationships with other relevant international organisations having complementary goals to those of WAVO.

  5. Develop a working understanding of the real property organisations, units and decision processes of the various governments with which WAVO wishes or needs to interact, and build working relationships with those decision-makers with whom a significant measure of interaction is foreseen.


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