Primary Goal

To develop the minimum standards and common requirements for a worldwide valuation profession, facilitate harmonisation across national boundaries, and improve the portability of professional designations.

Secondary Results Areas

  1. Educational Standards

  2. Accreditation Criteria

  3. Ethics and Codes of Conduct

  4. Harmonisation and Portability

Strategic Initiatives

  1. Assemble and analyse, for comparability, the educational standards and accreditation criteria of all Full Members.

  2. On the basis of Initiative #1, develop for Membership review a proposed set of minimum educational standards and accreditation criteria.

  3. Assemble and analyse the professional designations used by each Member organisation, matched to professional requirements, and develop recommendations aimed at harmonising these.

  4. Develop conditional portability recommendations for review, tightening and subsequent adoption by Members.

  5. Assemble and review all existing Codes of Ethics and Codes of Professional Conduct, to determine the degree of correspondence and compatibility from organisation to organisation.

  6. On the basis of the review of ethical and professional conduct codes, develop and circulate for review recommended core codes for adoption and cultural adaptation by Members.

  7. Review the basic education curricula of Members, and their Continuing Professional Development programs, to search out similarities and differences with a view to recommending to Members a core professional curriculum.

  8. Develop the strategy for promulgating International Valuation Standards. In parallel, design and develop supportive educational programs.


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