Primary Goal

To support developing countries, and those countries whose economies are in transition, in their acquisition by contract of needed short-term valuation capacity, while helping to build the longer term indigenous property valuation capacity and, in partnership with others, helping provide the required real property infrastructure.

Secondary Results Areas

  1. Needs Identification and Priority Setting

  2. Brokering Service Contracts, Financing

  3. Real Property Infrastructure

  4. Indigenous Professional Valuation Capacity

  5. Communication, Information, Advisory Services.

Strategic Initiatives

  1. Work with selected developing countries and IFIs to identify the types of valuation and real property support it would be feasible for WAVO Members to provide, alone or through strategic partnerships. On the basis of such preliminary market research and needs identification, develop an initial set of WAVO-brokered services capable of being offered to transitional and developing economies.

  2. Test the preliminary list of possible services with WAVO Members to: (i) determine the feasibility of each from a service-delivery perspective; (ii) identify which Members and, in turn, their members would be willing and able to provide particular services if requested to do so; and (iii) gain a preliminary sense of costs.

  3. With the results of the first two initiatives in hand, work with the IFIs and other prospective financiers to determine what funding might be available, to finance the delivery of what services, in which countries. In relation to respective funding sources, become familiar with their application processes and requirements and learn to use these effectively.

  4. Identify those Members and, in turn, their members able and willing to manage international projects to completion, covering all phases of the project including the application for funding.

  5. Decide on a preliminary set of 3-5 projects and move on these, to test out and refine the overall process of delivering WAVO-brokered services to transitional and developing economies.

  6. Identify developing countries at the stage where valuation infrastructure could and should be developed, with WAVO support, in the form of the required professionalisation processes and components, and in the form also of bringing a national valuation organisation into being as a Nominee Member of WAVO. Select one such country to test out how best to expedite the building of valuation capacity and the broader real property management infrastructure, with WAVO acting as facilitator of Member/client-country/IFI partnerships.


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