Primary Goal

To enrol as Full Members every established National Property Valuation Organisation (NPVO) able to meet WAVO entry qualifications; to enrol as Nominee Members those additional NPVOs believed able with our support to qualify over time as Full Members; and, to enrol as Observers or Sponsors a balanced set of other organisations supportive of our Mission and Goals.

Secondary Results Areas

  1. Membership Recruitment

  2. Membership Certification

  3. Membership Communications

  4. Annual Congresses

Strategic Initiatives

(To be scheduled over the next five years.)

  1. Develop, resource and implement a Membership Recruitment Plan which (i) identifies prospective members, by membership category; (ii) establishes recruitment priorities among them; (iii) sets achievable annual recruitment targets; (iv) contains a Marketing and Promotion Plan including appropriate recruitment strategies and (v) contains an implementation plan with concrete performance targets.

  2. Decide on and publish the criteria governing each type of Member.

  3. Establish the processes for evaluating and appointing Members.

  4. Decide on the services to be provided to Members, and incorporate a list/description of these in recruitment materials.

  5. Determine the responsibilities to be incurred by Members, including the financial contribution to be required of each category of Member.

  6. Design, develop and produce (i) an attractive Recruitment Package to assist in Membership recruiting; and (ii) a Speakers Kit for recruitment speeches.

  7. Design and develop the 2006 Singapore Congress, and the longer-term plan covering each Congress for the next five years specifying continent and key sponsor(s), taking care to avoid scheduling conflicts.

  8. Develop a presentation to International Aid Agencies, as prospective Sponsors.

  9. Finalise the different Certificates of Membership, for early distribution to existing Members and to be given to each new Member.


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