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Published 12 April 2018

The International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC) and the World Association of Valuation Organisations (WAVO) will be jointly hosting the Inaugural IVSC-WAVO Global Valuation Conference in June 25-26, 2018 in Singapore. This Conference is part of the collaboration between both organisations to develop the valuation profession, and enhance its professionalism through joint activities and exchanges.

The theme of the forthcoming Conference is “Valuation in the Globalised World” is in line with the new era of focus in valuation skills aided by technological advances amidst the rise of new and innovative business opportunities as well as challenges. The programme will include plenary sessions and workshops to discuss various issues relating to real estate valuation, intellectual property valuation, plant and equipment valuation as well as valuation of financial instruments and financial reporting/accounting. Other key topics that will be discussed include professional education, training and development, professional conduct and ethics, valuation standards, and impact of technology.

Both the IVSC and WAVO have together more than 100 country based members globally and in this conference we are already seeing their strong support as speakers as well as participation as attendees. We have successfully invited speakers from countries in the US, UK, Germany, Romania, Africa, United Nations, Australia, China, Japan, India, Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippine, Singapore and more. This is certainly a congregation of world renowned valuation experts, accountants, auditors as well as professionals in the banking, financial and business industries.


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